Lorenzo Milani plays "Op.24-Pioggia d'Autunno (Omaggio a Debussy)"

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Pubblicata la nuova registrazione di "Op.24-Pioggia D'Autunno (Omaggio a Debussy)" del 2016, eseguita dal sottoscritto sul mio pianoforte a coda Bechstein B-Model del 1913 e registrato con lo Zoom H4n Pro. Posted the new recording of "Op.24-Pioggia D'Autunno (Omaggio a Debussy)" of 2016, played by myself on my grand piano Bechstein B-Model of 1913 and recorded with Zoom H4n Pro.

Il brano è stato presentato durante la serata conclusiva della Masterclass di composizione dei Maestri Teresa Procaccini, Giovanni Bonato e Claudio Ambrosini tenuta al Conservatorio A.Bozzolla di Adria (RO) nel 2017. The piece has been presented during the final concert of the Composition Masterclass owned by Maestri Teresa Procaccini, Giovanni Bonato and Claudio Ambrosini held at Conservatorio A.Bozzolla of Adria (RO) in 2017.

Why Debussy? Since my young age, my ideas and aesthetics started drawing inspiration from the Modern period and the early 1900s, and through years, I discovered Claude Debussy as one of the most interesting musician of all time, so I dedicated readings, studies and research to this great French artist, along with many of other artists of the period before the First World War, a “golden age” of the evolution of the Music towards different frontiers of the expressivity in Music.

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